Team Awards

Each year we honor our team with awards that have meaning to us.


Top Sales Caitlin Cavarocchisales-award-16
The Hackman Honor Brad Fresch
Customer Service Fedor Polyakov
Team Player Rowdy Pitman
Scooter Boy of the Year Fedor Polyakov


team-awards-2015aThe Hackman Honor Brad Fresch
team-awards-2015b Customer Service Kevin Oberhofer
team-awards-2015cTeam Player Fedor Polyakov
team-awards-2015dScooter Boy of the Year Kevin Oberhofer


team-awards-2014aThe Hackman Honor Brad Fresch
team-awards-2014bMost Improved Caitllin Cavarocchi
team-awards-2014cCustomer Service Kevin Oberhofer
team-awards-2014dScooter Boy of the Year Brad Fresch


team-awards-2012aThe Hackman Honor Brad Fresch
team-awards-2012bMost Improved Kevin Oberhofer
team-awards-2012cTeam Player Brian Schneider
team-awards-2012dScooter Boy of the Year Kenny Toye